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Television Commercials

We've produced hundreds of Television Commercials Hospitals across the US and in Germany.  Click the icon on the left to see some of our Commercials in various Service Lines.  From a brand new facility to Bariatrics, Women's Services, Orthopedics, we've done all and are ready for your next campaign.  Our capabilities and experience working in hospitals allow us to plan for a single crew member or multiple depending on the complexity of the project. 


JEFF'S STORY:  We had just completed a cardiac campaign for a hospital in Texas when I asked an incredible Cardiologist what his biggest challenge was.  He said it was explaining to the patients about a complex life saving cardiac procedure.   I listened and told him I would give it some thought.  The next day while in route to a shoot in Germany,  without the client's knowledge, I wrote the spot, emailed the copy to my amazing voiceover artist, edited it somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and presented it to the client via the internet the next day.  It was done so well and expained so simply that there were no changes before it was broadcast.  It's not all about billing a client!  We Listen to our Clients Needs and we are Passionate About Their Success!   

Marketing and Recruiting

We've Produced hundreds of videos for Recruiting Executives, Physicians, introducing new Service Lines, Community Outreach, Presentations to Local Government and Special Events.  We have a large library of stock footage that allows us to produce videos quickly eliminating the disruption that can be caused by excessive filming in your facility.  


JEFF's STORY:  I was told by a client that they needed a video explaining the acquisition of a local hospital. That afternoon I was on an flight that night, shot video of the community the next day and produced an amazing product for our client while on the flight home.  On time and under the budget their agency had told them it would cost just using provided still photography.  We Exceeded Their Expectations by Delivering a Superior Product On-Time and On-Budget.

Training and Special Projects

We've produced so many Healthcare Training Programs on everything from HIPPA, HCAHPS, Bugeting, Core Measures, Coding, The Patient Experience, Physician Practice Management, Pharmacy, Technology, Corporate Compliance, Leadership Training and Leadership Development that we really do know healthcare, your challenges and your needs.  From capturing a regional or national meeting for future distribution to reviewing and redesigning existing training materials and methods, we are a great resource for your organization.


JEFF's STORY:   "We were asked by one of the Largest Hospital Companies in the Nation to help them with their Quarterly Web Based Leadership Training.  They were spending $25K with one of the largest webcast companies on an 30-60 minute webcast, that to them was embarrassing quality wise.  After listening we came up with a Simple Solution, Redesigning their Webcast to a Broadcasts Standard and Saved them roughly $15K per program.  

We Saved Them Money while Delivering a Superior Product.  Again we are Committed to our Client's Bottom-Line by Adding Value to their Customers and Stakeholders.

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Why Choose Us?



We turn challenges into opportunities by knowing your business.



We develop creative concepts that entertain and engage your audience.



We want every project to add value to your company and your stakeholders.

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