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Working with Peyton Manning was both a privledge and a challenge.  We had worked with professional atheletes in the the past including Mark Martin, Emerson Fittipaldi, Muhammad Ali.   The Project included four or five Television Commercials, 10 Radio Spots, Print Stills, and a Corporate Video,  No Problem.  And you have Peyton for less than four hours!   We spent a couple of months researching, preparing, scouting the perfect place in Knoxville, Tennessee to assemble three studios and an outside neighborhood location for the shoot.  The day before we rehearsed with out Peyton to insure we could accomplish all of his scenes.   The Pre-Production Planning was Executed Well and Peyton was in and out in less than three hours.  He was happy and the client was happy!


We were shooting a recruitment video for a hospital in rural central California when I asked the CEO and Marketing Director what their biggest challenge was.   They stated it was Out Migration to a Regional Hospital about 50 miles away.   While we were shooting the other project,  I asked the Marketing Director if he know of a young woman and young man that I could try out a Television Commercial concept on.   The Marketing Diretor found me two young people and within a couple of hours I had shot and that night edited the commercial "Road Trip!"  It was meant to be humorous, and clearly made the point to the consumer to stay close to home.  I enjoyed creating the spot and helping my client.

We are aways looking for opportunities for our clients to be successful!


Many times we're working on a production and it just happens, someone on the shoot has a compelling story that we want to document.  I always enjoy telling stories, pretty obvious, but I also enjoy hearing them.


On one muggy day in East Texas we had this country gentlemen and his dog as just a background shot for a Cardiac Care commercial.   Between takes, the gentleman was so proud to be a part of the production because the Cardiologist had saved his life.   I asked him to stay after we finished so I could ask him some questions on camera.  It resulted in a wonderful unplanned commercial that was added to the campaign.   No agency involvement no approvals before lifting a finger.    Just a real story from the mouth of a real patient. 


To me my clients are not about projects.  It's about their successes.  It's about making them look good to their internal and external customers.  


I love what I do,  I love to exceed expectations for my client.  If they are successful, I am successful.  It's what we do!


I like to call it "Off The Reservation",  It's a simple concept.  How many times have you as a client poured over storyboards based on a budget, not just good creative.   We've actually had clients that put a project on the radar and when their agencies creative is approved, they have no more money in the budget to actually produce the campaign.  We have many clients that find themselved in a postion where they need to go off the reservation.  


A fresh set of eyes, many times it's Marketing person's idea anyway and they just need it developed.   We've worked with so many clients like this saving them at times tens of thousands of dollars in creative development costs.   We've come to the aid on OB Campaigns in Texas, Branding Campaigns in Georgia, Orthopedic Campaigns in Pennsylvania and for many other clients.   We work hard for our clients and quite frankly, we prefer to work as a team either with an agency that listens to all the stake holders or directly with the client.  

Better Communication and a Commitment to the Client Results is what we are about. 


While working for a hospital small East Texas town.  We interviewed the Mayor of the town and learned that a major employer in the area was leaving which would devistate the town.  The presentation was in three days and they needed a miracle to keep the facility there.  I told the mayor that it he could quickly pull together a few people to interview that I would produce a short video to add to their presentation.  And I would do it at no charge.  We shot the video and I edited it while my producer drove back to Tenneessee.  When we returned I overnighted the video on DVD for the presentation and it was a huge success.   They did save the facility from closing.

It's not always about the billing, sometimes it's just the right thing to do!

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